22 Oct 2014

They take your skin tone seriously

by: Rosie A. I simply have to

22 Oct 2014

by: Rosie A.

I simply have to write a glowing (excuse the pun) review of Tan Bella. I was heading to Vegas, unprepared, and decided to stop off here on a whim when I walked past it. I didn’t read the Yelp reviews until afterwards which was a dangerous move, but at that point, with Vegas on my mind, I deemed it a worthwhile risk.

This salon is extremely clean and tidy, and is open late (I walked past around 8pm), so handy for workers. They offer a variety of different services including tanning beds and fake tanning. I got plenty of advice from the super friendly lady at the front desk and decided on which treatment to go for. I like that they take your skin tone seriously and ask lots of questions before recommending whether tanning beds or fake would be best for you. It worked out well for me – sure enough – 12 hours later I became a slightly browner version of myself.

You get free candy (sweets for us Brits) here while you tan and real, genuine service with a smile. I’ll be back.

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