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I’m super happy with this place. They’ve exceeded my expectations and if you know me, I have really high expectations. I highly recommend this place.

by: Lucky M.

So far, so great! Rarely go tanning but looked one up to tan a bit before my 2 week trip to the Philippines. Tan Bella got high reviews but so did another tan salon nearby. I ended up choosing tan Bella cause of their hours – I work in Mtn View and sometimes don’t get home til 6:30 and tan Bella is open til 7.

The reps were knowledgable and advised me on the best options for me. Everyone consistently gives great service. I go in and usually there’s a bed available and if the bed I usually go to isn’t, they come up with options for me. I’m in and out in 10 min because their beds are strong and efficient. It’s super clean too.

I’ve tried the lay down and stand up beds and much prefer the lay down bed. The stand up gets warmer and I come out sweating a bit more.

Overall, I’m super happy with this place. They’ve exceeded my expectations and if you know me, I have really high expectations. I highly recommend this place for their tanning beds. I haven’t tried the other services yet!

The customer service is fantastic and the color turned out exactly how I wanted it

by: Mindy G.

Why is it so hard to find a spray tanning booth in SF?! After Shimmer tanning closed (my usual spot due to location), I’ve been in search for a place that offers a Versa Spa spray machine or something similar. After several unfortunate spray tans with a stranger, I finally found Tan Bella! This place is great. The customer service is fantastic, and the color (level II) turned out exactly how I wanted it. Often times, you feel rushed at these salons, and this was definitely not the case at Tan Bella. The staff even spent extra time explaining everything to make sure I was comfortable. The only downside is this place is really far from my work and apt, but I’m willing to make the trek

Whatever it is you guys are doing it works

by: Zack T.

I had just a little bit of time before they I was gone for christmas, and they manager to let me come in the get some color. Like last time the staff new what was going on. From suggesting to the type of bed too even asking me where I was going for the holidays and then suggesting I pick a bed that would get the most color for my fair skin. These folks were closing and I came in there and they help me and not only that they took the time to inform me of the tanning beds and made me feel like I was welcome. Again a big Yelp! out to Tan Ball. Whatever it is you guys are doing it works.

I am so grateful…I highly recommend it!

by: Lauren W.

I never considered myself the tanning type because I am olive skinned toned but wanted to do something special to look extra good for my birthday. I was totally nervous and worried about coming out looking like an oompa loompa….. I was greeted by Franko. He took the time to explain what the best treatment option for me would be and how to to properly use the equipment so that I would come out looking and feeling like a golden goddess. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I am so grateful. My tan looks amazing and I cant wait to wear my birthday outfit tonight!! Plus they had a great special for new customers! I highly recommend it!

They take your skin tone seriously

by: Rosie A.

I simply have to write a glowing (excuse the pun) review of Tan Bella. I was heading to Vegas, unprepared, and decided to stop off here on a whim when I walked past it. I didn’t read the Yelp reviews until afterwards which was a dangerous move, but at that point, with Vegas on my mind, I deemed it a worthwhile risk.

This salon is extremely clean and tidy, and is open late (I walked past around 8pm), so handy for workers. They offer a variety of different services including tanning beds and fake tanning. I got plenty of advice from the super friendly lady at the front desk and decided on which treatment to go for. I like that they take your skin tone seriously and ask lots of questions before recommending whether tanning beds or fake would be best for you. It worked out well for me – sure enough – 12 hours later I became a slightly browner version of myself.

You get free candy (sweets for us Brits) here while you tan and real, genuine service with a smile. I’ll be back.

I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived this long without it

by: Mindy T.

I’m absolutely obsessed. I have been coming here for over a month now, and I honestly don’t know how I’ve lived this long without it. My first visit, I was an absolutely beginner, the person at the front desk walked me through the facility and all the pros and cons of tanning. He was extremely patient with me and explained all the different packages with me, I chose the lowest monthly package and although he suggested a different option, I didn’t feel pressured to go with a different choice.

$39 a month for unlimited tanning, you really can not beat that. All their beds are extremely clean, and they even leave a jolly rancher for you to enjoy as well. Because I work relatively close by I usually just walk over without making an appointment, I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes before I was able to tan. They have two locations, and the monthly fees work at both locations. I do prefer this one over the one in the Castro, just because I feel the staff here is more welcoming.

On top of my monthly price, I’ve also purchased upgrades to use at my discretion, they never expire, and any time I want to use one of their more expensive services, they just take it from my upgrade package. Extremely convenient, super friendly, and really clean, what more could you ask for?