08 Jan 2016

The customer service is fantastic and the color turned out exactly how I wanted it

by: Mindy G. Why is it so

08 Jan 2016

by: Mindy G.

Why is it so hard to find a spray tanning booth in SF?! After Shimmer tanning closed (my usual spot due to location), I’ve been in search for a place that offers a Versa Spa spray machine or something similar. After several unfortunate spray tans with a stranger, I finally found Tan Bella! This place is great. The customer service is fantastic, and the color (level II) turned out exactly how I wanted it. Often times, you feel rushed at these salons, and this was definitely not the case at Tan Bella. The staff even spent extra time explaining everything to make sure I was comfortable. The only downside is this place is really far from my work and apt, but I’m willing to make the trek

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