14 Nov 2015

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is a great option to

14 Nov 2015

Spray Tanning is a great option to look tan immediately without UV exposure. If you’ve spray tanned before and liked/disliked your results, we guarantee you will be impressed with the way we do it at Tan Bella. Step into Tan Bella’s private booth to be gently sprayed with a high quality tanning mist that will create a beautiful golden glow in less than one minute. Our tanning solution quickly and evenly covers your entire body. The process is safe, UV-free and perfect for anyone who wants an immediate healthy looking tan.

A little bit about how it works…

There are 2 components in any spray tanning system – the Solution (liquid) and the Equipment (method of application). It’s important to choose a salon that carries a high quality spray solution along with high quality equipment to apply the solution. The solution, equipment and method of application can vary from salon to salon which is why your results can vary as well. This combination really matters.

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